School of Translational Information Technologies hosts the lectures of renowned Russian and foreign professors Fabio Bagarello, University of Palermo, Francesco Gargano, University of Palermo, Francesco Oliveri, University of Messina, Andrei Khrennikov, Linnaeus University, Sweden/University ITMO, Andrei Grib, Herzen State Pedagogical University, and Yuri Slovokhotov, Lomonosov Moscow State University in the period from November 14 to 17, 2017.

This event is dedicated to the Games Job Fair, which will bring leading representatives of the Finnish gaming industry together. Games Job Fair is the first in its kind job fair, focused on expanding opportunities and opening new paths of development for the gaming industry professionals. Today the Finnish market is particularly considered to be the most promising and rapidly growing in this sphere; it has a turnover of more than 2.5 billion EUR per year and is actively interested in attracting professionals from other countries.

From July 3 to 7 more than 90 developers, students and young scientists from Russia, Europe and the Middle East will attend a course dedicated to the theoretical and practical aspects of concurrent computing. The school’s program will include lectures and workshops developed by leading experts from the USA, Switzerland, France, Austria, Israel and Russia. The first day of the Summer School on Practice and Theory of Concurrent Computing at ITMO University was marked with a talk by Nir Shavit, a renowned scientist, winner of the Gödel and Dijkstra prizes and professor at the Tel Aviv University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

On May 17th Virtual Reality Conference “VR-Today” will take place at the Higher School of Business Informatics, Higher School of Economics, Saint-Petersburg.

Join an open seminar on Deep Learning. Here you will learn about current machine learning, deep neural networks, and how to start the path of a data scientist. The speaker will share with you the way DL is applied today, how effective it is comparing to other approaches and how to apply it indicating the steps to start with.

Spring School 2017

We open registration for Spring School in HPC Technologies and Computer Modeling: “Creating a Game World: from Mathematical Model to Computer Graphics” in the framework of VI All-Russian Congress of Young Scientists (Section 48). School will be organized on 18-21 of April, 2017, in Saint Petersburg, Birzhevaya line, 4 (University ITMO).

Network Function Virtualization (NFV) is an emerging paradigm that has opened a large window of opportunities for resource usage optimization in enterprise, datacenter, and backbone networks, to mention a few. NFV enables network managers to replace specialized middlebox hardware (performing functions such as firewalling, intrusion detection, load balancing, content caching, etc.) with equivalent, software-based network functions, running on top of commodity, off-the-shelf hardware. There are several ways in which network managers can potentially benefit from this paradigm.

ITMO University hosts the event annually in order to strengthen the University integrating role in the field of scientific research and to introduce the research projects results of scientists, teachers, researchers and students implemented independently and in cooperation with Enterprises and Organizations to the scientific community of Saint Petersburg.

The Conference “Digital Transformations & Global Society” will be held in June 23-24, 2016, bringing together leading researchers and professionals in the field of Information Society issues.

Spring School 2016

The “Computational Technologies for Decision Support Systems” Spring School will take place April 12 – 15, 2016 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Open House at the High-Performance Computing Department and eScience Research Institute

The High-Performance Computing Department and eScience Research Institute will be hosting an open house at ITMO University on February 25, 2016.

Summer School 2015 (YSC 2015) Athens, Greece

The 2015 International Young Scientists Conference and Summer School in Computer Modelling and Simulation (YSC-2015) will be held in Athens, Greece from June 25 – July 3, 2015.