Scientific and Educational Conference, 30 January – 2 February, ITMO, Saint Petersburg

ITMO University hosts the event annually in order to strengthen the University integrating role in the field of scientific research and to introduce the research projects results of scientists, teachers, researchers and students implemented independently and in cooperation with Enterprises and Organizations to the scientific community of Saint Petersburg. Priority areas of science are technology and engineering. You can find the detailed information on the website of the conference.

In 2018, the HPC Department takes part in the subsection: New Intellectual Technologies: City, Healthcare, Finance and Environment.

Date: 02 February 2018

Time: 11:00 - 18:00

Place: Room 216, Birzhevaya line, 4, lit. M (Rector's Hall)

Chairman: Bukhanovsky A.V., Doctor of Technical Sciences.

Deputy chairman - Ivanov S.V., PhD

Responsible - Klimova A.S., PhD


  1. Solovyov R.O. (master student), Karsakov A.S. Review and analysis of methods of interaction in the field of gaming technology in virtual reality.
  2. Shermatova F.M. (master student). Perspectives of introducing a new method of washing equipment from hydrocarbon contamination in the food industry.
  3. Gusarov A.S. (PhD candidate). Ensemble optimal interpolation of vector fields observations.
  4. Petrov A.A. (master student). Analysis of radio interfaces of wireless communication systems as part of the Internet of things.
  5. Vyuchuzhanin P.V. (master student). Development of a system of automated verification of the hydrometeorological computer system.
  6. Uteuov A.K. (PhD candidate), Araya Lopez H. (PhD candidate). Quality control and pass restoration in hydrometeorological data.
  7. Khovrichev M.A. (master student), Balakhontseva M.A. Integration of heterogeneous data sources and knowledge in healthcare: current trends and development prospects.
  8. Kisliakovsky I.O. (master student). Development of the evolutionary algorithm for finding the clinical path in the graph.
  9. Klimova AS, Chassignol M., Bilyatdinova A.Z. The future of education: how AI will reshape the educational landscape.
  10. Kozyreva O.D. (master student), Krzhizhanovskaya V.V. Modeling of the dissemination of information taking into account the polarization of opinions and news: comparison of a non-scale network and a model of small worlds.
  11. Onishchuk A.E. (master student). Predictive modeling of the course and outcomes of chronic non-infectious diseases, taking into account the personification of flow paths using machine learning methods.
  12. Funkner A.A. (master student). Prediction of classes and structure of clinical pathways for patients with acute coronary syndrome.
  13. Presbitero L.V. (PhD candidate), Krzhizhanovskaya V.V. Sensitivity Analysis of the Human Innate Immune System Model.
  14. Elyutin V.V. (master student), Balakhontseva M.A. Modeling of interrelations of concomitant diseases for patients diagnosed with arterial hypertension on the basis of temporal Bayesian networks.
  15. Bilyatdinova A.Z., Ivert T., Karsakov A.S. Mixed Reality: Past, Present and Future.
  16. Klimova A.S., Plande A., Bilyatdinova A.Z. How AI will change the banking sector.
  17. Chinareva K.М. (master student), Karsakov A.S. The review of methods of introduction of augmented reality technologies in the educational process.
  18. Semakova A.A. (PhD candidate). Modeling of patient-oriented antihypertensive treatment strategies.
  19. Rumyantsev A.S. (master student), Karsakov A.S. Studying the group behavior of community users in social networks devoted to mass online games.
  20. Perepelova A.S. (master student), Zagarskikh A.S. An overview of the methods of skeletal animation using neural networks.
  21. Kutuzov T.E. (master student). Methods of mutual analysis of the market basket for offline and online views of the assortment of goods.


Research assistants, professors, students, master students and PhD candidates of ITMO University, as well as students and employees of other organizations, are welcome to participate in the event.

Detailed information is available on the website of the conference.