School-workshop of young scientists and specialists, Applied Artificial Intelligence

ITMO University will host the XI session of the scientific school-workshop of young scientists and specialists, High-performance Computing Technologies, that is the part of VII Congress of young scientists,  in the period from 17 to 20 April 2018. Thematics of the school in 2018 is "Applied Artificial Intelligence".

Aims of the School:

  • Studying and practical mastering of supercomputer technologies and mathematical modeling for creating applied AI technologies
  • Search for new practical use of AI on a joint of subject areas
  • Mastering the basic and key methods of applying artificial intelligence in following fields: games development, design, human and computer interaction, computational intelligence
In 2018, the School is held in following directions:

  • Artificial intelligence and automatic control
  • Computer graphics and virtual reality
  • Methods for realistic modeling of complex objects and systems
  • Technologies of simulation modeling
  • Applying AI technologies in various areas of human life: medicine, education, finance, infocommunication technologies

Venue: 4 Birzhevaya Liniya, Saint-Petersburg, Russia, 199034

Contacts: Alina Mikhailovskaia

Registration is necessary for taking part in the event. Please visit the website for further information and registration.