Guest lectures of LLC Gazpromneft NTC within the XI session of Scientific school-workshop of young scientists and specialists on High-performance Computing Technologies and Applied Artificial Intelligence

Lecture of Zoya Filippova (Direction Head, Project Evaluation Department, Project Evaluation and Analysis Department, LLC Gazpromneft NTC): Technologies of Augmented Reality in Interpretation and Classification of Seismic Studies. 

Seismic shooting is one of few ways to obtain direct information about the inter-well space. The geophysicist-interpreter analyzes the seismic visually, looking at the images of seismic traces and color of the amplitudes / attributes. One of the routine procedures of interpretation is classification of seismic traces and signal filtering based on spectral transformations. The project proposes to improve existing methods of classification due to spectral characteristics and, in particular, to realize the perception of seismic by the interpreter in the form (sound) in which it is initially registered. 

Lecture of Anisa Kunakova (PhD, Head of the Oilfield Chemistry Department, LLC Gazpromneft NTC): Development of criteria for making decisions on the use of blocking compounds for suppressing wells.