Lecture of Stanislav Sobolevsky, professor of New York University “Digital city”

On October, 10 ITMO University will host a lecture of Stanislav Sobolevsky, professor of New York University “Digital city”.

Stanislav Leonidovich Sobolevsky has been working as a Associate Professor Of Practice at the Center For Urban Science And Progress at New York University since 2015. He is a co-founder of the consulting studio Insight Data Labs. His research interests include network analysis, machine learning, AI, big data, modeling human mobility, as well as the theory of differential equations.

The past few decades saw a technological revolution that resulted in a broad penetration of digital technologies in everyday life. Increasingly many aspects of human activity now leave digital traces behind them, thus increasing production of big data. Examples, just to name a few, include: urban traffic, taxi and public transport routes, energy consumption, noise and other environmental sensor readings, phone calls, credit card transactions, WiFi/Bluetooth connections, compaints and service requests, social media records etc. Today those data find excessive applications in urban research, planning, operations and policy, making a smart city paradigm more possible than ever. And this is exactly the area, where new technologies are the most needed to help facing sustainability challenges due to explosive growth of complexity and vulnerabily of urban systems. But along with providing new opportunities, big data challenges analytic technologies, stimulating development of machine learning, AI, network analysis and related disciplines. The lecture will consider those, as well as research and practical applications to urban planning, transportation and urban infrastructure optimization, public safety and other urban domains, considering successes, challenges and the promise of a new domain - urban informatics. In particular we will focus on the recent capstone projects created by NYU students.