On February 8, ITMO University hosted the ITMO Open Science Conference. Dozens of ITMO University’s researchers, PhD students and heads of the University’s departments gathered at the Erarta Museum of Contemporary Art to discuss the latest achievements in an unusual format and learn about their colleagues’ science development strategies. ITMO.NEWS publishes the highlights of the event.

We continue the story about competition for bachelors, masters and specialists "I am a professional." It is carried out with support of the strongest universities. Today we will talk about the new competitive direction, which is supervised by ITMO University, - “Big data”.
The general partner of the “I am a Professional” Olympiad in the directions of ITMO University (Computer Science, Information and Cyber Security, Big Data) is Sberbank.

Unreal Engine 4 is a popular tool for creating video games. For the second year in a row, this weekend ITMO University hosted a meetup for developers who use this engine in their day-to-day work. Professionals and amateurs attended lectures, participated in workshops and, last but not least, developed their tight-knit community: after all, the meetup’s main goal was not only to give the participants a set of lectures but also introduce them to one another and encourage them to contribute to the solution of the profession’s common problems. ITMO.NEWS, too, stopped by a couple of events to listen to the participants’ stories.

The technology of blockchain exists for almost 10 years, however, its internal potential began to unfold only a few years ago. The technology of blockchain has a particular importance for development of the sphere of financial technologies in terms of crypto-currencies, accounting, interbank cooperation, state regulation of the financial sphere. This causes a huge demand for fintech specialists with high competencies in this field. Dmitry Plakhov, a coordinator of Dash community of St. Petersburg blockchain developers, told us what professions were filled with new meaning in the course of development of blockchain technology, in an open lecture at ITMO University.

The market of devices that allow each person to monitor their health is growing every year. People, especially the younger generation, are willing to use various trackers and applications that help them to maintain physical activity, diets, and control the daily routine. These devices can improve the entire health care system, as they contribute to the transition from reactionary medicine to predictive medicine. The reasons and advantages of the development of "smart" medicine were described by Dr. Anthony Fiola, head of the Department of Biomedical and Information Sciences at the University of Illinois.

The team of The International Research Centre for Nanophotonics and Metamaterials of ITMO University received the St. Petersburg government award for scientific provision of young specialists’ training in the field of metamaterial physics. In addition, this year three scientists of the university received presidential grants for research in the fields that are strategically important for the country.

The decision was made at the first meeting of the Board of Directors of the ITMO Highpark JSC - the new scientific, educational and innovation center in the south of St. Petersburg. It took place on December, 20 at the ITMO University. The meeting was attended by Nikolay Nikiforov, the Minister of Communications and Mass Media of the Russian Federation, who emphasized that the project would be implemented as the whole ecosystem aimed at supporting research, innovative projects and comfortable life of young professionals.

On December 19 Prof. Dr. P.M.A. Sloot will read a lecture ‘Early-warning signals of the credit crisis in financial time series’ within the scientific School-workshop of young scientists and specialists ‘Advanced Intelligent Technologies: Finances, Healthcare, Communications’ at the ITMO University. In financial markets, participants locally optimize their profit which can result in a globally unstable state leading to a catastrophic change. Peter Sloot will speak on how the concept of the dissipation of mutual information can be used for prediction of such crisis.

More than a thousand of ITMO University’s graduates received their diplomas at the very heart of St. Petersburg, right by the walls of the Peter-and-Paul Fortress. The massive ITMO.Live event was traditionally held on the first Saturday of July and was available to locals, guests of the city and friends of the university. The top graduates received their diplomas from Rector Vladimir Vasilyev, Oksana Oracheva, the general director of the Vladimir Potanin Foundation and Daniil Utkin – one of the country’s most promising young students who achieved a total of 300 points on his Unified State Exam results. On that day, the attendants could entertain themselves in the interactivity zone: bond with their partner at the ITMO.LOVE zone, take home a portrait or a photo, try innovative ice-cream or become part of the university’s history through a video-message. The event culminated in a performance by the iconic St. Petersburg performers – Billy’s Band.

The Institute of Financial Cyber Technologies (ITMO.Fintech) was established in January 2017 on the basis of ITMO School of Translational Technologies supported with the International Banking Institute. The main task of the new unit is to create a system for training of highly qualified IT specialists focused on non-standard and energent scientific tasks in the field of finance and banking.

Director of School of Translational Information Technologies Alexander Boukhanovsky became a member of Russian Science Foundation expert board. Together with the other members of the council, the professor will take decision on financing of promising scientific projects and review applications submitted in the section "Mathematics, Informatics, Systems Science". The expert board is composed of the socially recognized, active and efficient PhD holding scientists .

High-Performance Computing (HPC) University ITMO invites the students to join the Open House Day on March 30th. The guests will hear about the disciplines, admission procedure and HPC Department activity, meet the teaching stuff, learn about the future technologies and Russian education trends.

NFV enables network managers to replace specialized middlebox hardware (performing functions such as firewalling, intrusion detection, load balancing, content caching, etc.) with equivalent, software-based network functions, running on top of commodity, off-the-shelf hardware. It makes possible prompt responding to fluctuations in the aggregated flow traffic through dynamic, on demand (de)allocation/dimensioning of network functions.

Last week Alexander Zagarskikh and Alexander Moiseev took part in Augmented Reality Summer School 2017. This 5-day AR School was held in January 2017 in Oxford Brookes University, UK.

ITMO University’s team headed by the Director of the School of Translational Information Technology Alexander Boukhanovsky received an award from the Government of the Russian Federation for the creation and implementation of "Complex Methods for the selection and training of highly quality personnel of a world-class level in the field of Information technology" known as ICT Excellence.

The 5th international Scientific and Practical Young Scientists’ conference “High performance computing technologies and computer simulation”

Owing to high performance computing, scientists can now analyze huge data array, predict or simulate different situations and improve different systems’ functioning. Algorithms and applications made by masters, PhDs and ITMO University co-workers are now applied in medicine, industry, meteorology, programming and in many other fields. Some of them were represented at the fifth international “Young scientists” conference in Poland run by ITMO University together with associates from Krakov and Amsterdam.

26 – 28 October, 2016 AGH University of Science and Technology (Kraków, Poland), University of Amsterdam, the Netherlands (UvA) and Saint Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics (ITMO University), Russian Federation organize 2016 International Young Scientists Conference for young scientists and professionals in HPC technologies and Computer Modeling to take place at the Department of Computer Science in the AGH University of Science and Technology area, Kraków, Poland.

ITMO University launched a joint educational program with the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Modelling of Russian-Armenian University (RAU)

Since the autumn of 2015 High Performance Computing (HPC) Department of ITMO University launched a joint educational program with the Department of Mathematics and Mathematical Modelling of Russian-Armenian University (RAU). In 2015 three best students were enrolled at Erevan to.the master's program in Technologies of Social Modeling and Forecasting. This autumn all three are coming to ITMO University to continue their studies.

Registration for eScience Research Institute and High-Performance Computing Department “Computational Technologies for Decision Support Systems” Spring School is Open

Registration is open until March 9, 2016 for the “Computational Technologies for Decision Support Systems” Spring School, which will take place April 12 – 15, 2016 at the eScience Research Institute and High-Performance Computing Department.

Vasiliy Leonenko, Researcher at the eScience Research Institute, Takes Part in Science Slam April 1, 2016

Science Slam ITMO University, a popular science project, has begun. The first audition was on March 1, during which potential Slammers performed for their peers and judges. The intensive course starts next week, where experts will teach young researchers how to make their presentations eye-catching and interesting.

The High-Performance Computing Department and eScience Research Institute Host an Open House on February 25, 2016

Open House visitors will get comprehensive information on areas of research, the admissions process, and how to apply for one of ten master’s scholarships, in addition to meeting department professors and learning more about the future of technology and education in Russia.

High-Performance Computing Department and eScience Research Institute Open House on July 7, 2015.

The High-Performance Computing Department and eScience Research Center are hosting an open house on July 7, 2015 at ITMO University.

The Russian Science Citation Index Results are In

The Russian Science Citation Index rating of Russian scholars based on citation frequency has been updated. There are over 69 top-100 lists, each of which represents different field of academic research.

Spring School 2015

The 2015 Spring School on “HPC and Computer Modelling Technologies: Global System Science” will take place from April 7 – 10 2015 in St. Petersburg, Russia.

Professors from the University of Amsterdam Train Experts on Hi-Tech in St. Petersburg

The High-Performance Computing Department at ITMO University hosted an open house on March 5, 2015.

From June 10 – 12, 2014, a delegation from ITMO University took part in the International Conference on Computational Science in Cairns, Australia. Presentations given by members of the eScience Research Institute at ITMO University were granted first place Best Post Award.