Lecture by Holyst, Janusz Andrzej, Center of Excellence for Complex Systems Research, Faculty of Physics, Warsaw University of Technology, Warsaw, Poland and ITMO University, Saint Petersburg, Russia

Emotions are part of what makes us human. We cannot escape from them since they belong to the core of our human nature. With information technology occupying such a central part in all our lives, it’s important to ask whether there are emotions in cyberspace too?

During the lecture I will introduce the reader to fundamental definitions, key concepts and case studies addressing the following issues of rapidly growing relevance for online communities: What are emotions ? How do they emerge, how are they transmitted? 

How can one measure emotional states?

What are cyberemotions? 

When do emotions and cyberemotions become collective phenomena? 

How can one model emotions and their changes? 

What role do emotions play for on-line communities?  

I will show you how machine learning methods can become an efficient tool for large scale sentiment analysis and how data-driven agent-based models of virtual emotional human can describe live and death of  on-line communities. I will demonstrate you interactive affective systems  that communicate  directly with users and are  examples  of next generation of emotionally-intelligent ICT services.