Scientists Design a Computer Simulation of a Human Artery

Researchers from the Netherlands and Russia presented a concept of the Virtual Artery. According to the scientists, a new multiscale computer model of the human artery will combine several sub-models of cardiovascular system at different complexity levels. The developers believe that such a detailed model can lay foundation for a deeper study of vessel pathologies and become an alternative to animal tests in pharmacology. The study appeared in Philosophical Transactions A.

The design of Virtual Artery comes from the intersection of biology, chemistry and physiology. Combining these ingredients makes the model truly valuable, but at the same time presents a rather tricky challenge. Now researchers from the University of Amsterdam and ITMO University designed a computer model that can simulate the entire workings of blood vessels. To create a virtual artery, the scientists proposed a combination of multilevel models of cardiovascular system and showed how they can interact with each other.