Education for the future: leading IT-university will train specialists for global financial systems and stock markets

Starting with the new academic year, ITMO will launch two new Master's programs for the new Institute of Financial Cybertechnologies (ITMO.Fintech) –“Mathematical Support and Software for Global Financial Systems” and “Big Data in Financial Technologies”. The programs’ focus will be on training highly-qualified personnel that can design, develop and maintain the mathematical support and software for global financial systems and stock markets. Not only university lecturers, but representatives from the field's leading companies will participate in the educational process. Among such companies is the Itiviti International Company that develops financial software and innovative solutions for telemarketing systems. The prospects of this collaboration were discussed by Maria Sigova, Fintech's director, and Itiviti's representatives last Friday.

The Institute of Financial Cybertechnologies was created in January 2017 on the base of ITMO's School of Translational Information Technologies with support from the International Banking Institute. The new unit's main task is creating a system for training highly qualified IT specialists who focus on solving nonstandard and unformalized scientific and practice-oriented tasks in the field of finance and the banking sector.

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