Russia keen to develop education programmes with India using modern digital technology

Cooperation with India is one of the "priorities" for the Russian Federation, which is keen to explore potential collaboration opportunities, including in "developing joint education programmes" using modern digital technology, according to the country's Ministry of Education and Science.

ITMO University (in St. Petersburg) is the Russian leader in IT, providing training and research in advanced science, humanities, engineering and modern information technology, developing translational IT, which means applying the university's expertise in computer technologies, for example, to health care, urban and social studies, blending the culture of innovation in IT and discovery with world-class education, as Alexander Sobolev, Director of the Department of State Policy in Higher Education of the Ministry, told IANS in an interview.

In 2016-2017, ITMO University was assigned by Bengaluru's Indian Institute of Science to design a system that helps provide security at global mass gatherings using multi-agent modelling technologies.

The mathematical model that can predict crowd behaviour was designed on the basis of the data collected at Kumbh Mela (this was the so-called Kumbh-Mela experiment), a study with the largest number of participants.