How to motivate people to think more about their health and why it is beneficial to the health care system

The market of devices that allow each person to monitor their health is growing every year. People, especially the younger generation, are willing to use various trackers and applications that help them to maintain physical activity, diets, and control the daily routine. These devices can improve the entire health care system, as they contribute to the transition from reactionary medicine to predictive medicine. The reasons and advantages of the development of "smart" medicine were described by Dr. Anthony Fiola, head of the Department of Biomedical and Information Sciences at the University of Illinois. He came to the ITMO University for a conference (Digital Transformation & Global Society - DTGS), where he also presented the work of his research team in this field. ITMO.NEWS listened to the speech of the scientist and talked to him about how a person should learn to control his own health.