Lectures by Lead Scholars in Social Computing and Computational Urban Science

Dec. 18, the following lectures are held at ITMO University:

Computational City Science: Decision Support through Simulation, Alexander Boukhanovsky (Chair of High Performance Computing, ITMO University)

Smart City and Instrumental Rationality in the 21st Century, M. Christine Boyer (School of Architecture, Princeton University)

Presentation. Base Maps and Invisible Landscapes, William Rankin (Program in the History of Science and Medicine, Yale University)

Agent-Based Simulation of Crowd Dynamics, Mike Lees (Informatics Institute, University of Amsterdam)

Keynote lecture. From a technology-intensive to a knowledge-intensive smart urbanism, Ola Söderström (Geography Department, University of Neuchâtel)

ITMO University 4 Birzhevaya Ln. Rector’s Hall