Impact of Road Network Improvements on the Performance of Transportation Systems under Critical Load

In modern cities there are many problems connected with traffic flows: traffic jams, air pollution and safety of traffic. In order to solve them road network with transport become the objects of studying and simulations. In order to properly reflect real circumstances data about traffic were used: number of traffic participants, spatial and temporal distribution.

Another subject of analysis is development of road network. In order to make changes efficient it is reasonable to perform simulation on the stage of prototyping of road network improvements.

It is also becomes available to investigate behavior of traffic under rare conditions such as emergency evacuation from the particular area or shutdown of important road for reconstruction. To illustrate these capabilities scenario of departure of guests after semi-final match of Wold Cup 2018 on Zenit Arena stadium was simulated. The impact of road network improvements can be seen by color differences in areas where traffic jams appear.


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    Simulating an impact of road network improvements on the performance of transportation systems under critical load: agent-based approach // Procedia Computer Science. — 2016. — Vol. 101. — pp. 253–261.


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