Intelligent analysis of social network data: emotional focus and georeference

Public data of social networks reflects various aspects of human activity at the individual level. The data geographical mapping in general enables us to analyze the demographic, social and psychological pattern of the population activity in different cities and regions. To collect such data, we develop and use special software tools - crawlers of social networks, but to analyze and generalize - Big Data technologies (Big Data).

The video illustrates the example of Sochi urban agglomeration "Emotional map" development based on the analysis of the photos uploaded to social networks (VKontakte, Twitter, Instagram) taking into account their geographic location.

The second part of the video contains the analysis of mass events (VKontakte Festival, 2016) visitors’ interest dynamics based on the interpretation of their posts and photos in accordance with the georeference.


  • Butakov N., Chuprova Y., Knyazkov K.V., Shindyapina N., Boukhanovsky A.V.

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