The Multidisciplinary Instrumental and Technological Platform CLAVIRE

The evolution of cloud computing affects various aspects of the organization of high-performance computing, including the provision of seamless and efficient interaction between supercomputers with different architecture, Big Data sources and systems of visualization and interpretation. To meet such goals, second-generation cloud technologies are developing, oriented towards ecosystem management of distributed computing services and data sources within AaaS (Application as a Service) models.

In order to develop high-performance applications of predictive modeling and processing of Big Data, we have developed a multidisciplinary instrumental technology platform CLAVIRE (CLoud Application VIRtual Environment). CLAVIRE supports the effective management of computational , informational and software resources in distributed heterogeneous computing infrastructures (including supercomputers, Grid environment, resources of various cloud providers). CLAVIRE also supports the development of domain-specific high-performance composite applications running on cloud-based distributed application services. It also supports application management, provision of services, and access to them. CLAVIRE functionality can facilitate building enterprise cloud infrastructure and public infrastructure, using the resources of Grid environments, competence center infrastructures in various domains, cloud infrastructure within the paradigm of Big Data, as well as distributed decision support systems with intensive use of computer technology.

CLAVIRE Platform is a commercial software product, distributed by ITMO University and Information Techologies Company, Inc.


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